Cute Chick Deviled Eggs for Spring

It’s been a long, long time since I last posted.  I had to really get down to work, but I have FINALLY finished my thesis.  Yay!  Now I’m excited to have some free time to do some crafts, gardening, and of course, cooking.
Today’s post was made and photographed by my Mom.  Every year, for as long as I can remember, we have deviled eggs that look like chicks in colored shells for Easter.  They are one of our favorite food traditions. These eggs can be a bit tedious to make if you are making a big batch, but they are so cute it is totally worth it.  Bring these to a picnic this spring and be prepared for everyone to go go nuts.
•eggs, hard-boiled and peeled

•yellow mustard
•salt and pepper
•food coloring
•1 carrot, cut into tiny matchsticks, for the beaks
•several black olives, cut into tiny pieces for the eyes

Set out several bowls or ziploc bags.  Add some water to each bag and tint with food coloring to the desired shades.  Place several hard-boiled eggs in each container and set aside until the desired color is achieved.  Remove eggs from the dye and set aside on paper towels to dry.

Cut a small slice from both ends of each egg.  Set aside.  These will be the “hats” of the chicks.  Cut each egg in half with a zig-zag cut.

Remove the yolks from the eggs and mash with the mayo, mustard, salt, and pepper, to taste.  Or make the filling according to your usual deviled egg recipe.

Pipe the filling into each egg half.  Add carrots and olives for the beaks and eyes.  Top with the “hats”.


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