Gearing Up for Spring Cleaning and Homemade Laundry Detergent

So it’s just about that time of year again.  Time to brush off the cold winter weather and welcome spring by starting afresh and clean.  I may be one of the few weird people who actually enjoys spring cleaning. I always feel more relaxed and happy in a really clean house.  Plus, I like to get it out of the way early because once it is warm enough to get out in the yard I plan on spending the majority of my free time cleaning up from winter and planting the garden.
I started making some of my own household cleaners maybe a year or so ago, and I really like them.  Especially the laundry detergent.  Not only are they cheap, they don’t have those super strong chemical smells.  (That Swiffer wet jet is just obnoxious!) I always like DIY sorts of projects and I have found that this saves us a lot of money over the course of a year.  After all, there are way better things to spend your hard earned money on than cleaning products.
This recipe is all over the internet, but just in case you haven’t seen it before, here it is again..  I first saw it at DIY Natural.  Little House in the Suburbs has directions to make it into a liquid detergent if you prefer to use that over powder.
These are the only three ingredients.  You can use any sort of laundry soap you want.  Fels Naptha is popular as is Zote, but you can even use Ivory if you have trouble finding the others.
Grate up the soap. One bar of Zote will yield about 4 cups of grated soap.
Add to a food processor with 2 cups of washing soda and two cups of borax.  Whirl until it is blended well and is the consistency of a regular powdered detergent.  Store in a coffee can and use one or two Tablespoons per load.
And if you want to try your hand at making some more homemade cleaners The Frugal Girls has several recipes.  I have tried the glass cleaner and am very pleased with it so far.
My niece also sent me a recipe for homemade fabric softener, so when I try that I’ll post the recipe for it as well.

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