Halloween Food Day 23: Colorado Cujo

Ok.  This is just a Colorado bulldog.  But hey, there is nothing wrong with calling an everyday drink something else to fit the occasion. Coming up with new ideas is also getting harder. Double the liquor for an extra bite.

I made this with homemade kahlua, but I’m not totally happy with the recipe yet. I’ll play around with it a bit and post it one of these days because I’m hoping to give all my coffee loving girlfriends a bottle for Christmas.

•2 oz kahlua
•2 oz vodka
•milk or cream

Fill a tall glass with ice.  Pour in the kahlua and vodka.  Fill the remainder of the glass half full with some milk or cream (this should only be a few tablespoons.)  Fill the rest of the way with coke.  Top with a couple cherries.


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